Who / What is Public Safety Tidbits

First off, I should mention that I was originally using the name FES Tidbits (for Fire/EMS/Safety).  One of my followers on twitter had pointed out that the things I was sharing across my social media sites encompassed a variety of Public Safety related areas (Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement; as well as General Public Safety and Awareness).  It was recommended that I change from FES to Public Safety so as to better show what I’m about.

It is said that Fire/EMS is something that is in your blood (See the blog I wrote on that here)…. You know something, it’s true!  Tho not actually in any of the Public Safety professions my interest in such has stayed with me throughout the years.  Some might call me crazy for having such an interest in something that I am not involved in professionally or as a volunteer and don’t have a family history of anyone being involved…  So why the interest?  I have yet to come up with an answer to that question.

The decision to create Public Safety tidbits (formally FES Tidbits) came about somewhat suddenly, but it is based on a passion that goes way back.

A Little History:

My first (remembered) experience was visiting a local fire station with my father as a child.  He (my father) and the Fire Chief/Captain (?) were good friends at that time….  During one such visit, I recall the alarms (klaxons) going off and the firefighters all racing down to the poles to their trucks.  In my little mind’s eye, it appeared that their feet never touched the ground as they leaped from the pole to the truck (somehow, magically, ending up in their gear)….  I still remember the feeling of awe as I watched.  And so began a life long interest.  Of course I now realize that they (the firefighters) aren’t superheroes, and they didn’t leap (with a single bound) into their chariot firetrucks .

The stories continues a few years later when it was decided to by an ice cream cone for the Fire Chief at a working Fire.  I don’t recall if it was my idea or if it was my dad who had the idea, but I wanted to do something nice for the fire chief in charge of  making sure everything was getting done that needed to be at the fire.

Skip ahead, again, a few more years to the High School and College years.  During that time I lived just a few blocks away from the local Fire Station (a different than the previously mentioned one).  I would often walk by the nearby fire station on my way to catch the local bus to where I was attending college and (on several occasions) had the opportunity to stop by and say, “Hi” to the guys as they hung out outside the station.  I won’t go into some of the interesting interactions I’ve had, but it is then that I began to see the sense of humor – as well as huge hearts –  that firefighters so readily have.

Now, with Social Media, Internet, eMail, and the like at my fingertips it is that much easier to keep up with what is going on out there in the world of Fire Services and EMS – Not just where I live locally, but across the United States (and even around the world)…  And that much easier to share the information that I learn, which is really (ultimately) the goal of my blog and the rest of F.E.S. Tidbits….. Sharing….

“Sharing is Knowledge”…. “Knowledge is Power” ~sources unknown


5 comments on “Who / What is Public Safety Tidbits

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  2. Funny…I never had any interest in the fire service until a friend of mine who worked with me at a steel mill in Baltimore joined the fire department. He talked me into it and, lo and behold, 33 years went by, with 22 of them as a fire chief. Now I run the website/FB/Twitter pages for the AZ Fire Chiefs Association.

    • Knew AZ Fire Chiefs was on Twitter… Didn’t know about Facebook.

      Some would say I’m a bit of an oddity. I don’t come from a family (long, short, or otherwise) history of firefighters. I’m pretty much the only one… Don’t even work/volunteer in the field and yet – here I am. Not even my husband understands this interest I have.

  3. My middle son was evidently going to be a firefighter or a police officer or enlisted from the time he was five. Today, he is an Air National Guard Firefighter. Love the blogpost. People don’t think about this stuff until they need it. Thanks for giving me something good to enjoy.

    • Thank you for reading and following. I should be posting letter R & S for the AtoZChallenge today but case of Vertigo got me down & out.

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