#Safety Messages


When I started this series for the A-ZChallenge (done in April 2013), I didn’t really have any theme/ideas in mind as to what to write (just knew that it looked like fun and I wanted to join).  One of my biggest areas of interest is in the area of Fire Services and EMS.  I won’t go into details on my interest here, but if you’d like to know, I do try to explain (as best I can) in Firefighters Are My Heroes   

Anyway, the idea of doing the challenge based on Firefighter Safety popped into my mind when the idea of Aware (or Awareness) popped into my mind for letter A.  Awareness (Situational Awareness) is one of the biggest key factors for Firefighter Safety.  (PS:  I’ve already decided that next year I’ll be looking at the history of Paramedicine).

I am currently using the posts I did for the 2013 A-Z Challenge in a 26 part “Safety Message” series for FES Tidbits on Blog Talk Radio. As I “air” each message I will be adding it to my blog as a post (as well as adding it to this page).  

A is for Aware

B is for Better

C is for Caution

D is for Danger

E is for EGH

F is for Focus

G is for Gear

H is for Harmony

I is for Isolate

J is for Journey

K is for Know Your Way Out

L is for Learn

M is for May Day

N is for Nightscan

O is for Observe & Obstacle

P is for PPE

Q is for Quality

R is for Rapid Intervention Team

S is for Safety

T is for Teamwork

U is for Understand

V is for Vacation

X is for Xylene (and other Chemicals)

Y is for Y-O-U

Z is for Zero to Sixty

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my Firefighter/Paramedic Safety Reminders……  Remember:

Stay Alert

Stay Safe

Stay Alive

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